The case of Nokia (NYSE: NOK)

The past year Nokia has been on a roll. After the announcement of a 7.2 billion dollar deal to acquire Nokia’s devices and services business by Microsoft, the PPS of the stock has went from a low of under $4 to doubling in just under a year. However, after peaking at $8.72, shares of NOK have been trading between the range of 7.58-8.50.

The stock current is at a BUY with a price target of 8.80. It is currently priced at 8.04, and as long as 7.60 holds, it will remain a buy. I believe that it is in a trade-able range until nearing the ER that is scheduled on jan 22, 2015. MACD,RSI, MAs all look good, just keep in mind to follow the FIB lines when trading this stock.